Navi X710

Pantalla grande y resistente,WiFi,Internet y multimedia.

El dispositivo X710 combina la navegación (incluida la planificación de rutas e insercción de mapas) con el uso domestico ( diario,notas,videos,fotos,etc )

Al mismo tiempo ,gracias al WiFi integrado puede conectarse a internet para busqueda de información o el acceso a e-mail ,etc.

Por supuesto tenemos la posibilidad, aparte de la navegación Off-Road de disfrutar de la navegación estandar de carretera ( Igo,TomTom,etc ).

Al mismo tiempo el dispositivo es muy adecuado para la lectura de Roadbooks (e-roadbook) con un Tripmaster recalable para sus aventuras o carreras.

Este tamaño de pantalla es ideal para la lectura del roadbook en formato A5 asi como el manejo con el mando remoto ( Remote Joy ) desde el manillar.



Lista de precios y pedidos

Main futures

  • big 7" display, MicroReflective layer for better sun-readability
  • comfort display two maps on one screen with info panels
  • fast dual-core processor 2.1GHz
  • WiFi and Internet (web browser) for your connection with the 'world'
  • multimedia foto/video, directly from SD card (showing photos)
  • usefull apps: note pad (drawing on display), calculator, calendar
  • rugged body made specialy in Europe
  • aluminium holder on silent-blocks
  • optionaly USB Host, AV IN (camera)
  • serial communication RS232 or TTL
  • direct power supply 12V - 24V

7" LCD display with MicroReflective layer for better sun-readable purpose

On this huge display area it is no problem to have two maps (big owerview and small detail) together with 3 big info panels. It is also ideal size for e-Roadbook (1cm bigger than standard A5 paper roadbook).

MicroReflective technology is based on special layer which reflects a part of the sun light and when the sun is directly targeting your display - you can still read it.

Internet, WiFi, Multimedia (texts, photos, movies, music)

This device is not only the navigation but on real adventure trip through the world you will appreciate ability to write diary (you can connect external keyboard), let the citizens to draw the right way on the display, check the photos or movies from your camera.

Connection to internet using WiFi alows you to send photos or diary directly from the trip, check the e-mail or plannig next part of the trip (info, weather forecast) etc.

Rugged body and holder on silent-blocks

The body is custom made for hard conditions. All parts are water-proof and dust-proof (conectors, repro, buttons).  

Aluminium holder is all around the body so it is well protected. Navi is fixed with two rubber bonds - still flexibile and fixed in right possition. Electronics inside the device is protected against vibrations using two plates (base plate and holder) with four rubber silent-blocks.

Technical specification

Name Navi X710
Display 7" transmissive with MicroReflective
plocha 154 x 96 mm
Resolution 800 x 480
Body water-proof, dust-proof
Dimensions 180 x 118 x 22 mm
(W x H x L)
Weight 480 g
Holder aluminium with silent-blocks
Connector water-proof circular connector
GPS UBLOX 6 (Galileo ready)
WiFi 802.11/b/g/n
System MS Windows CE.NET 6 core
Processor Telechips 2.1Ghz
(1Ghz Core + 1Ghz Dsp)
Internal 256MB
Storage SD card max 16GB
Battery 2600mAh
Power supply direct 12V - 24V
Remote control RemoteJOY RS232 / TTL

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