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Navi X710 NAVI X710 7" big display, WiFi / Internet, including havy-duty aluminium holder, pre-installed application with Profi licence 820,- EUR
Holux 61CS HOLUX 61CS 4,3" display transflective sun-readable, hot-swap active holder, moto charger 12V and pre-installed application with Profi licence 368,- EUR
Remote Joy RemoteJOY Remote control on handlebars for map zoom/move/switching or moving roadbook, orientation can be horizontal or vertical 164,- EUR
Profi Licence PROFI Licence Application licence Profi for OffRoadNAVI SW (Two maps, RoadBook)
can be downloaded from here Download
39,- EUR
OffRoadNAVI sets
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Set X710 X710 Set NaviX710 + RemoteJoy + Holder + App Licence 985,- EUR
Set H61CS H61CS Set Holux61CS + RemoteJoy + Holder + App Licence 499,- EUR
Choose NameDescriptionPrice&nbsp(incl.VAT)
Source 220V SRC-220V X710 Power supply from 220V for X710 (max. current 1.5A) 23,- EUR
Source 12V SRC-12V X710 Power supply from 12V for X710 (from cigarette lighter power) 23,- EUR
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