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Small dimensions, rugged body, sun-readable display

Navigation from the well-known outdoor producer Holux has an excellent arrangement, a shock-proof body and a perfect sun-readable display with TRANSFLECTIVE technology. 

Sophisticated active holder and cables (with water-proof connectors) with a special small transformer suitable for moto installation. A special connector allows the remote control on the handlebars to be connected (RemoteJOY) and you can take control of moving the map (switch layer, zoom, move) or roadbook / tripmaster  while riding.

Of course you can also install any "street navigation" (iGo, TomTom, etc.) into this device and use them simultaneously - you can choose which navi to use at the start. You can also connect it to your helmet using BlueTooth.

Price list and Orders

Main features

  • good 4.3" display with sun-readable technology (Transflective)
  • compact dimensions, rugged body - also suitable for 'hard enduro'
  • sophisticated active 'hot-swap' holder enables quick removal
  • ability to use RemoteJOY controller on handlebars
  • BlueTooth for hands-free in your helmet
  • high quality from outdoor producer Holux and a good price

Rugged active holder

The holder keeps the device in place using four metal spikes and the device can also be secured using screws (also easy to disable and remove for 'small crowd of children'). On the bottom there is hot-swap contact for power supply and RemoteJOY communication. The contacts on the holder are also protected against water if the device is removed - there is an integrated rubber cap.

Set including RemoteJOY controller

We can offer a complete set (device, 8GB McroSD, installed app, holder and remote controller) and the RemoteJOY is specially equipped with an original connector (fabric mount on cable) to ensure a constantly water-proof solution. Everything is prepared for immediate usage.

Technical specification

Name Holux GPSmile 61CS
Display 4,3" transflective with reflective layer
surface 97 x 56 mm
Resolution 480 x 272
Body water-proof, dust-proof, shock-proof
Dimensions 130 x 92 x 29 mm
(W x H x L)
Weight 290 g
Holder plastic with metal spikes
Connector hot-swap contact
GPS Sirf IV (Galileo ready)
WiFi -
System MS Windows CE.NET 6 core
Processor ARM11 500MHz
Internal 4GB
Storage MicroSD max 8GB
Battery 1050mAh
Power supply moto transformator from 12V to 5V
Remote control RemoteJOY TTL

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