Here you can download the OffRoadNAVI application. The Free and Profi version is in one file, the Profi is simply registered based on the device's serial number after purchase (see here Compare versions or Order profi licence)

Upgrade steps: download latest version, unzip it and copy (overwrite) just one file "OffRoadNAVI.exe" on navi SD card into \\OffRoadNAVI dir.

Application OffRoadNAVI stable (with small sample map)
Version: 4.1.2
Size: + 6MB

Version History:

  • Version 4.1.2 (10.11.2017)
    • BugFix - error when switching between menu and maps!
    • BugFix - GPIO bug
    • Stores and holds after application restart the last set values for: roadbook position, TripMasterTotal or loaded Track (If not AutoDayTrack)
    • Buttons Layer+/- rotate round if you hit the end of the list of layers
    • Only 2x zoom in MapDetailu
    • \The ability to retrieve Track in GPX format, such as Route
    • LockScreen long click wpt fixed
    • Switch layers reset zoom 2x
    • MENU when operating through RemoteJoy, jumps correctly on individual icons
    • Keyboard fixed with "y"
    • RoadBook changes:
    • Line not changing while zeroing tripmasters
    • Possibility of setting default values in tripmaster=New function in menu>seting>RB&>TripTotal Wheel/(Gps)
    • Setting tripmaster does not change value "TripM. +/- m:”
  • Stable version 3.9.21 (07.04.2016)
    • X720 wheelsensor on new port GPIO2.
    • For older X710 manualy edit config OffRoadNAVI_conf.xml and setup value of Wheel_GPIO = 1
  • Version 3.9.20 (07.04.2015)
    • LockScreen - ignoring also "add Wpt"
  • Version 4.0.1 (04.09.2014)
    • Bug - error when switching between menu and maps!
    • Fix registration problem
  • Version 4.0.0 (03.09.2014)
    • Support Locus / RMaps map format (Sqlite DB) with multiple layers (more *.sqlitedb files in one atlas dir) - you can use SmartPhone and Locus to download custom map and using WiFi HotSpot (thru FTP built in server of X710) transfer new maps into the navigation (for example on the go using GPRS/4G/LTE)
    • Save and keep values after app restart: RoadBook position, TripMasterTotal, loaded Track (when AutoDayTrack is not used)
    • Round Km on TripMaster to 0,05km (you don't have to folow the small hundredths)
    • Access the built-in FTP server from SmartPhone (Android) using FX File Explorer
    • Load Track in GPX as Route (folow the passed track)
    • Buttons Layer+/- are rotating on layers when the last layer is reached
    • All list (Atlas, Track, Routes) are now sorted correctly
  • Version 3.9.19 (14.07.2014)
    • New RoadBook Edit function - long press (5s) on one place of RB (red screen), long press again for exit
    • New Front wheel sensor support for TripMaster (electronic needed)
    • New TripMaster correction in %
    • New CleanDisplay function - 10s for clean by hand
    • New LockDisplay function - disable touch, only by Remote
    • New Route - Load Garmin extended GPX (routed by route)
  • Version 3.9.8 (10.12.2013)
    • New ZoomIn 2x and 4x - just resize the map image, fast map switching (first just zoom map, then load new map)
  • Version 3.9.7 (21.11.2013)
    • New function "FTP Server" for wireless access over WiFi
  • Version 3.9.4 (22.09.2013)
    • Fix for incorrect behaviour when adding new POI using RemoteJoy (long-press Enter)
  • Version 3.9.3 (19.09.2013)
    • POI - new function, save points of interest to separate GPX ("POI.gpx") and automatic loading/saving
    • long click on the map will create new POI, on RemoteJOY long press Enter button (red/green)
  • Version 3.9.2 (18.09.2013)
    • Centre pos on map can be set in menu Settings->Misc->AutoCenter sec. (0 = off)
    • RoadBook - one InfoPanel can be set in Settings->Display->RB, bigger font for TotalDistance
    • Position cursor changed (small/big) - smaller centre and bigger heading line
    • Fix for entering start 0 while adding wpt (lat/lon)
    • Improved keyboard reaction for repeated clicks
  • Version 3.9.1 (26.07.2013)
    • Fix bug while saving and loading Track/Route ("No record was loaded!")
  • Version 3.9.0 (19.07.2013)
    • RaceMode fix for X710 - necessary for MotorajMaraton Romania 2013 (not needed for H61CS)
  • Version 3.8.7 (12.07.2013)
    • Edit Route in bigger window on PC (sizable)
    • RoadBook is fully functional for 5min in demo mode (also more pages)
  • Version 3.8.6 (28.06.2013)
    • Fix error while saving Track or Route to GPX (gpx format error)
  • Version 3.8.5 (22.05.2013)
    • AutoDayTrack bugfix for X710
    • Less messages while loading/saving tracks
    • Track name visible in TrackStatus info panel
  • Version 3.8.4 (24.04.2013)
    • Fix error while running on desktop PC (WinXP / 7 / 8)
  • Version 3.8.3 (23.04.2013)
    • Fix RemoteJoy function (Left direction) while installed as "ButtonsDown"
    • Correct InfoPanel boxes font size (ok also on "specific" devices)
    • Correct AutoDayTrack file name (double extension .txt)
  • Version 3.8.0 (18.12.2012)
    • Profi functions are available in Free version for 5min after app start
    • RoadBook is limited in Free version on single page with maximum 1000pix
  • Version 3.7.5 (14.11.2012)
    • Added RemoteJoy orientation, fix AutoDayTrack start
    • Fix RouteEdit problem (impossible to move map while FixGPS)
  • Version 3.7.4 (27.10.2012)
    • AutoDayTrack - automatic track logging - every day one track is automatically created
  • Version 3.7.1 (02.08.2012)
    • Application divided into Free and Profi version (licenced)
    • RoadBook and TripMaster (only in Profi)
    • RaceMode - oraga can lock RoadBook usage using special PIN
    • MapDetail - view two maps on one screen (only in Profi)
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