display size

 7“ display – sun readable

This is the real "place for navigation". A huge map area on a 7“ display (ideal for roadbook, similar size to A5 format) with micro-reflective "sun-readable" technology 

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Multi layers maps

Multi-layer off-road maps

One MapAtlas can hold several MapLayers (topo/street/custom/earth maps) and each layer can hold unlimited single Maps (different zoom/resolution or different area). You can switch layer or zoom just by one button/touch. Maps can be downloaded from on-line sources or you can use self-prepared maps.

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Remote JOY

Remote control on handlebars

Take control of your navi/maps/roadbook/tripmaster without having to take your hands off the handlebars. Aluminium case with rugged waterproof joystick and buttons – big enough for easy operation while riding.

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x710 two maps

Display two maps on one screen

You can have a very detailed main map and a small size overview map together on one display (with three custom info-boxes) –  you can also set up a different layer for each map.

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roadbook tripmaster

RoadBook with TripMaster or Compass

For rally competitions or just for fun – a digital roadbook paper (images) and gps based tripmaster. You can move the roadbook from RemoteJOY (one press - one step) or touch the display and roll it by hand. Also has a RACE function to disable the navi for competitions.

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ruged holder

Rugged body/holder for moto/atv/4x4

The body is designed for rugged environments and the X720 is protected by an aluminium holder with four silent-blocks, connected by waterproof contacts. Tested in real conditions by real riders.

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track route waypoints

Tracks, Routes, Waypoints NAVI

Plan the route on the go! Complete track recording (also auto-day track) with GPX export/import. Routing based on the route (set of wpts) can also be designed directly on the device. Wpt navigation, direction, compass, distance, estimated arrival, etc..

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for riders by riders

Designed by RIDERs for RIDERs

Everything arose from our own experience – both the hardware and the software. The easy, functional and ergonomic design means the device can easily used whilst wearing gloves. The X720 device can be used as a "tablet" on adventure trips – you can browse the web over a built-in WiFi with the Opera browser, view your camera pictures, play movies or do any other common tasks.

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custom functions

Custom-made functions for the X720

We can prepare specific custom-made functions in our X720 device cush as: USB Host, AV-IN port, Rear-Cam port, SerialPort or make a special holder for it. We can also prepare some custom-made functions in the OffRoadNAVI SW - don't hesitate to ask us...

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