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OffRoadNAVI uses raster maps. While they are larger in the data volume, they are able to provide much more information than vector maps (eg Garmin). This information is very important for OFF-ROAD. Contours, mountain peaks, rivers, bridges, fords, mountain passes, forests and borders, dirt roads, etc. are all clearly visible. In addition, raster maps are usually well adapted to be the clearest and most readable - signs for villages do not obstruct the intersection of two roads or a bridge. Last but not least, it is very similar to a real paper map, ie orientation in familiar captions, signs and colours.

OffRoadNAVI uses the TrekBuddy Atlas (preferably in the TAR version). The application can only use complete Atlases (individual map files) - see Installing the map ...

On-line source of all maps - "Mobile Atlas Creator" (instructions here Preparation of map )
Mobile Atlas Creator (abbreviation MOBAC) is a tool that is able to map almost all of the resources available on the Internet to automatically download any region in the world and in the details that you define. OffRoadNAVI uses the TrekBuddy Atlas (preferably in the TAR version).
More info and download the oficial Mobile Atlas Creator can be found here.
You should use this Mobile Atlas Creator with an expanded list of map sources

Any bitmap (JPG, PNG) with calibration (MAP file)
If any other map has been downloaded or scanned then it too can be used. It must, however, be calibrated by using a MAP file - format OziExplorer. example here. The TBMapper tool (download here) converts these images into a calibrated atlas (TrekBuddy format)

Conversion from OZI map file
First conversions. Ozf or. Ozf2 file to a bitmap file (JPG, PNG) with calibration (MAP file) using DeMapper (download here) . This tool allows the batch conversion of multiple maps at once, to convert large groups of maps. Then proceed as above converting the bitmap to Atlas with TBMapper.

Map database and other sources
On the Internet there are many places where you can find raster maps. One large database is here . These maps are mostly a combination of image (jpg, png, etc. ..) +. Map file (calibration data) and it is necessary to convert to Atlas see above.

Option to download sample atlases from various sites on the Internet: (I'll update list later)

- (130 MB) and 200 thousand Russian 100tis maps
- (30 MB) maritime maps of the coast of Croatia

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