X720 wiring setup

See picture how to connect wires

Download the application

Download the latest version from the menu Products -> Download .

Unzip the downloaded zip file

Open the zip onto your PC and then upload / copy the entire contents - a directory named OffRoadNAVI - to the PDA.

Upload / copy to PDA

Upload / copy the entire OffRoadNAVI directory to the PDA ideally on a memory card (StorageCard). The file can be put in any folder anywhere, but it must have a subfolder Maps (where the maps are put). Files can be transferred using, for instance, ActiveSync or directly recorded on a memory card device (e.g. via a card reader).


Start the navigation by running OffRoadNAVI.exe on your PDA from that directory (e.g. \ Storage Card \ OffRoadNAVI \ OffRoadNAVI.exe)

Basic Setup GPS

If you have downloaded the application with a sample map (OffRoadNAVI.zip) then when you start the map will appear with an information field in the bottom.

Click once in the middle top of the map to display the main menu. If you miss, you will see dashed segments (invisible buttons) - now click on the segment  Menu.

Enter "Setting" , and in the first tab, Gps, set the CommPort to the appropriate port (where your gps runs). Speed ​​(BaudRate) is not important in most cases and does not need to be set. If you do not know what port your GPS is running on, you can try COM2 to COM6 as they are the most common, and every time you save the setting using "Save and Close" in the main menu, enter "GPS Stat" and in the window the satellites are switched using the "Show data" to display the data from the gps. If the grey box remains blank, it is necessary to try different settings (different port). If lines start rapidly appearing such as "$ GP ...." then everything is in order. Now it is a question of waiting until a satellite appears on the gps.

Installation menu COM port (search)

If you are unable to set the COM port, you can try a small application for GPS searching. Just unzip, upload to the device and then run it. It takes a while but almost always finds it ... You can download it here: AutoDetectGPS.zip

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