!! New OffRoadNAVI X720 !!

Introducing a new model OffRoadNAVI X720

After successful OffRoadNAVI X710 comes a new model ‪X720‬.
X720 is the direct X710 successor and has several improvements.


The main improvement is definitely DISPLAY.
The new 7-inch (18 cm) display has about 100% higher luminescence together with more resistant touch screen.
Luminosity is measured 700 cd/m2 (candela per square meter) compared to the previous 300 cd/m2, and therefore has a much better readability in sunlight and also much better view from sites.

The capacitive touchscreen panel, where the display surface is covered with a conductive layer.
The advantage of using this technology is the high mechanical strength and larger operating temperature range (between -10C to 60C).
Compare to model X710 (resistive touchscreen), the display does not need much pushing, tapping is registered only when a gentle touch.
The layer can be also controlled in thin soft motorbikes gloves. 

Another improvement, besides other things, is powerful WAAS GPS receiver (UBLOX 7).

Cable from the navigation is equipped with new 8-pin connector (instead of the original 5-pin), which allows you to connect, via a new adapter, USB flash drive directly to the navigation. Then you can copy files directly, without removing the SD card. 

Compare the original with a new model in the pictures.



HW Specification:

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